A New Year – A new start for the P&L Global Blog

A new year has started – with it our decision to relaunch our P&L Global Blog.

It must have been the load of overwork during the past months that we have led down this great platform to share news, articles and any information connected to International Business and Management that seems important to us.

Nevertheless, we certainly haven´t forgotten on the blog and the excellent podium it provides to share comprehensive content.

So what can you expect from this Business Blog? 

You will continue to find the most influential international news about events that could affect us on a small or large scale. We will also publish success stories and examples of exceptional strategy transformations of companies worldwide. General trends and influencing factors in markets and sectors won´t be missing neither.

But what´s new?

To reach a larger audience, from now on, our posts will be published in English. You have been following us in the past in Spanish and not very firm in English? – use this blog to “refresh” your English skills whilst reading through the most exciting blogposts.

Who is “blogging”? 

There will certainly be exceptions, but in principle Mario Cabeza and Josephine Brauner have made themselves available for the publications on this blog. Mario will focus mainly on his “specialty” of Strategic Consulting topics and he will as well add content on the subject matter of Crisis Management. Josephine aims to provide content on Internationalization and USA -related topics.

Have you paid attention to this blogpost or just scrolled to the end in a rush? Let´s do a small Quiz: “You should follow this blog …”

  1. to gain insights into Trump´s private lifestyle
  2. to receive the latest news on banks buidling resilient cyber programs
  3. to be on top of trends and influencing factors in markets and sectors on an international level
  4. to help you in attracting more customers this year

…and the answer is… I hope you all ticked the third point, even though it can not be excluded that the other answer possibilities might apply as well.

On behalf of the entire P&L Global Team, we appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy your weekly reads on this blog!




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